Thursday, June 20, 2024

Sena helmets

The boffins at Sena have been busy collaborating with the specialists at Harmon Kardon to create the firm’s latest two high-tech helmets. The Striker full-face and Impulse flip-front both use premium speakers and microphone from Harmon Kardon, along with Sena’s integrated Mesh and Bluetooth connectivity for rider-to-rider communication. The pair have integrated LED lights at the rear for improved rider visibility and the Stryker has a drop down internal sun visor. A new Sena Motorcycles App allows user configuration of the settings and features of the helmets, including managing private groups, playing music and operating the rear light.
Both come in sizes S-XXL in matt black or gloss white for an SRP of €699 for the Impulse and €599 for the Stryker.
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