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Shad SH38X expandable panniers

Spanish brand Shad is proud of the new Dynamic Tensegrity technology it has developed which allows its new SH38X panniers to grow. The compensated tension cable system allows each pannier to expand or contract telescopically and uniformly – no wrestling with trying to keep everything straight while adjusting.

This new tech means that the SH38X manages to be both Shad slimmest-ever pannier, and also its most capacious. It can expand by 70mm, which increases its storage capacity by 40%, big enough to store a modular helmet. Its compatible with both Shad’s 3P System and 4P System racks, and is fastened to the rack and secured using just one key, with an extra lock barrel included so a suitable top box can be keyed the same. Other practical touches include inner nets to stop smaller objects rattling around inside, a carry handle for off-bike convenience and a double-channel frame with rubber seals to stop the rain getting in. To save having to lug the panniers around town, there are optional bespoke expandable soft inner bags with a carry handle and shoulder straps for an SRP of £48.99.

The SH38X come in matt black with a choice of aluminium or carbon fibre trim for £576.99 or £487.99 SRP respectively. In addition, there are optional gloss black or white trims available for £59.99, and even an unpainted one for £34.99 that you can get sprayed to match the bike.

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