Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Shark Aeron GP

French helmet brand Shark has gone all-in on aerodynamic efficiency with its new flagship track-focused Aeron GP, giving it plenty of time in the wind tunnel as well as utilising Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations.  The Aeron USP is its Adaptive Aero System, which adjust flaps positioned on the side of the spoiler to channel airflow, resulting in a claimed reduction of 50% for turbulence and 5% for drag.

Its shell is made from a combination of carbon and aramid fibres, and the class 1 visor has a quick-release system and tear-off pins. Inside are new 3D Morpho cheek pads, an emergency release system, removable ear pads and two anti-fog masks – one for summer and the other for winter. It comes with a storage bag, a five-pack of tear-offs and an extra dark smoke visor. Colour choice is matt or glossy carbon, red, white, blue or a couple of race replica graphics. UK pricing is yet to be confirmed.

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