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Shock-free bench

As more battery-powered electric PTWs enter the market there is obviously going to be an increase in the number coming into dealerships for maintenance. This leads to concerns for technicians working on these machines, due to the risk of electric shocks. To counter that, RS Workshop Equipment now has the ISOL8 electric motorcycle workbench, which combines the usual requirements of sturdy construction and resistance to knocks, scratches and various solvents with a specially-formulated, highly electrically insulating coating to prevent shocks and short circuits. An insulating safety mat on the floor also helps to ensure that the technician doesn’t inadvertently become a part in the earthing chain, and retractable safety tape and posts stop anyone unwittingly wandering in to the area.

There is a lockable six-drawer unit, a lockable cupboard and a unit with power and air hose reels. An integrated lift control is also provided to operate a range of optional hydraulic lifts, which are given the same insulating and protective coating. Bespoke versions are also available. Due to the customisable nature of the package, prices are on application.

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