Sunday, June 16, 2024

The FTP By Samco Sport

Dubbed, the “Frame T-Piece” or “FTP” by Samco Sport due to its resemblance to the letter ‘T’ and its positioning within the frame of the motorcycle.

The OEM FTP comprises two main sections; The top section, which connects to the radiator spouts, and the second section a length of alloy or plastic which runs inside the frame to the hose, connecting to the header. The two pieces are simply screwed together upon assembly of the bike. Samco Sport took this often leaky and fragile OEM assembly and
transformed it into a smooth, sturdy, single silicone component. This has helped riders and race teams across the world stay on track where other OEM FTP fitted bikes could not. For the 2023/2024 models, the OEM thermostat is housed within the OEM Plastic T-Piece, making the Samco Sport FTP a reliable thermostat bypass as well.

As the OEM T-Piece is hidden within the frame, it is often nearly impossible to diagnose when it has failed. The Samco Sport FTP Hose eliminates all known issues by creating a single piece designed not to break, crack or leak.

The Samco Sport “FTP” Available for all KTM, Husqvarna & Gas Gas bikes 125 – 500cc MX and Enduro models.

  • Made In Britain
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Thermostat Bypass/Delete on 2023-2024 Models
  • Choice Of Brand Matching Samco Sport Colour’s Stocked In Orange, Blue, Red & Black.
  • Ideal For Dealers To Stock as 1 SKU fits all models 125-500 in a given model year
  • Full Application Guide Across All Years & Models






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