Friday, March 1, 2024

The Motul® MC Care range

Clean & protect your bike with Motul’s comprehensive MC Care line of products
The Motul® MC Care range offers great dealer margins and FREE eye catching display support.
Thanks to its long-standing involvement in the motorcycle market, Motul has established a deserved reputation with motorcycling enthusiasts for its quality products. These enthusiasts are equally aware that maintenance and proper care of a motorcycle will protect it and prolong its life, and the new 24 Motul® MC Care range has been developed exclusively for motorcycles, the motorcyclist and his equipment. Nine brand new products have been introduced to back up the existing collection, and three existing products are being re-launched and re-packaged to integrate them into 24 Motul® MC Care.
The range of 24 products is dedicated to all kinds of bike, road, off-road and racing, and is split into five easily identifiable areas which work together to protect and preserve both the motorcycle, the rider and his associated equipment:
P Maintenance of mechanical parts
C Maintenance of the chain
A Maintenance of the air filter
E External care
M Motorcyclist & equipment care
P – Mechanical parts maintenance:
Designed to maintain all the mechanical parts of your motorcycle in good working order, Motul has developed 4 specific products to clean and protect the carburettor and brakes, repair and re-inflate tyres, and a multi-purpose fluid lubricant which protects all metal parts from corrosion.
C – Chain maintenance:
Maintaining your chain will increase its life, reduce friction and wear, decrease power losses and protect it from corrosion. Motul has developed 5 products to clean and lubricate chains on all types of motorcycles, depending on their use.
A – Air filter maintenance:
Good air filter maintenance strengthens its efficiency and helps extend engine life. Motul recommends the use of 3 products specifically formulated to clean, lubricate and protect all foam air filters.
E – External care:
For a perfect finish, there are 8 Motul products to clean and protect all the external surfaces of your motorcycle – all specially formulated to ensure effortless efficiency.
M – Motorcyclist and equipment care:
To take care of the motorcyclist and his equipment, Motul has developed 4 practical and efficient products for clean hands, a clean and sanitised helmet, and clean and protected leather jacket and boots. Products directly in contact with the skin have been tested under dermatological control.
New products:
– Hands Clean
– Wheel Clean
– Chain Paste
– Chrome Aluminium Polish
– Insect Remover
– Scratch Remover
– Helmet Visor Clean
– Helmet interior Clean
– Perfect Leather
Re-launched and re-packaged products (spray => trigger sprayer):
– Perfect Seat
– Shine & Go
– Wash and Wax
Continuous investment in research and innovation ensures that Motul’s products are matched to the latest advances in motorcycle manufacture and maintenance. The 24 Motul® MC Care range is an integrated network of products, offering ease of use, performance and value, which are manufactured to international quality and environmental standards.
To find out more or to become a stockist please contact Richard Barrett, Motul Brand Manager on 07590 465369 or via email at [email protected].


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