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Tired of panning for gold?

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MCN Bikes for Sale lands you premium leads without the premium price.

MCN has been at the heart of buying and selling bikes since 1955, with motorcycle businesses reaping the rewards of advertising their products to its loyal, engaged audience of informed motorcyclists for the past 67 years. MCN readers know what they want, and thanks to it’s never been easier to convert this thirst for new bikes into sales.

MCN readers are the most knowledgeable motorcyclists in the UK, making the weekly newspaper and their first stop for independent opinion and in-depth tests to inform their next bike purchase. The unmatched quality of MCN’s new bike launches and comprehensive bike reviews are a catalyst for bikers to make a purchase, choosing from 15,000 bikes on No more email tyre-kickers, MCN readers are all potential buyers.

Dealers can list up to 10 bikes on from as little as £75 per month, with a minimum commitment of just 30 days on a rolling contract.

Backing the undisputed influence of, Bauer’s radio portfolio – including Absolute Radio and Planet Rock – carries MCN Bikes for Sale adverts, and a weekly email is distributed to around 160,000 UK motorcyclists. Nobody has the power to reach more serious buyers than MCN.

Dealers can include all their new bike stock on, including brand new, unregistered bikes for sale. The MCN Bikes for Sale website has a free tool for uploading listings, but also accepts stock feeds from all major DMS/web builders and buying and selling sites at no extra cost. Bikes listed on also appear on classifieds website Friday Ad at no extra cost. Maximum reach, minimum effort…

MCN makes it easy for potential buyers to get in touch. Email contact allows buyers to request a video view of a bike, ask for a part-exchange valuation, make an offer, call, visit the dealer’s website or arrange a visit in person. And new products are continually developed to improve the customer journey and response quality. For example, MCN Award-winning bikes are highlighted in listings and a simple Finance Calculator is being developed so that it can be used on used bikes listed on

Ex-racer Chris Walker owns a Kawasaki and Ducati dealership in Grantham, Lincolnshire. “Uploading to MCN Bikes for Sale is simple, swift and gets results,” he said. “At first we were tempted to go with the website owned by the car people, but it was far too expensive and complicated – was great for us straight away; it’s always done its job well.

“We get a lot of ‘is this bike still available? questions from social media, which makes it hard to find the genuine customer. But when they come through MCN Bikes for Sale they tend to be serious. And from our dealer listing they can also see other machines in the showroom, tempting users to explore other bikes in stock.”

To find out more about, contact [email protected]


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