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ULTIMATE a brand-new product from Unlimited Passion


Their ‘snow foam in a can’ concept is wowing customers at shows and rallies. Its superior cleaning power, ease of use, and the incredible results are creating a stir.

Made for the difficult to clean, and the difficult to reach areas, ULTIMATE will whip baked on bugs from a surface with ease. It will also clean those impossible to reach areas. You can even use it with, or without water.

ULTIMATE is without doubt one of the most ‘‘magical’’ products in the range.

ULTIMATE is an active foam for multi-soil and multi-surface cleaning.
eliminates and cleans grease, hydrocarbons, tar, insects, even nicotine and inks! It can be used on all types of surface: wheels, bodywork, windows, lights, plastics, seats, textiles, etc.

ULTIMATE is suitable for matte finishes and leaves them looking awesome.
ULTIMATE leaves surfaces looking ‘like new’ and gives a beautiful finish.

ULTIMATE deposits a non-greasy, antistatic coating which keeps surfaces cleaner for longer.

ULTIMATE is not corrosive, does not degrade varnishes, or plastics, AND is silicone free.
ULTIMATE allows you to clean the most inaccessible surfaces with ease.

ULTIMATE is effortless to use and pleasantly scented.

Another great product that can be demonstrated and trialled in-store by customers awaits you.

All you have to do is get in touch with Unlimited Passion today.

When you join Unlimited Passion, you will get:

  • An exclusive welcome offer
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Unlimited Passion are rolling-out their other exciting and innovative products in stages to create a continued buzz for the duration of the season and to increase business in the low season too. The excitement is already well underway, and you definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity!!

Contact Unlimited Passion for your trade brochure and welcome offer NOW!

Unlimited Passion
tel 0843 289 3599
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