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UM Motorcycles Launches in UK

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UM Motorcycles Launches in UK

UM is excited to announce that its product line up will be entering the UK market in 2017 aimed at revolutionising the small capacity market with exciting opportunities available to dealerships across the UK. We are rebels with a distinct cause: to challenge the current conventions of the powersports industry. Because we know that without poking, prodding, or pushing, nothing Progresses.

Rebels with a distinct cause – Crafting quality, exhilarating bikes that move our riders
UM is a motorcycle brand born in America. Sure, We’re a US based multinational corporation with over 1200 stores worldwide in over 20 different countries across America, Asia, Africa and Europe, but we’ve never forgotten what really matters most; crafting quality, exhilarating bikes that move our riders in new ways. Since the early days of the UM brand, its founders realized that without innovation the brand would not reach the Company’s vision of making the motorcycle a central element in the life of its customers, it would simply remain as a transportation element no different from other brands. This is why, on the aesthetic side, an impressive design has been and will always be a main factor in the UM product’s essence. On the practical side, innovations in safety and comfort will be as important. The UM brand has its in-house design team and works with world-class design houses and designers to achieve its goal: to create an aspirational motorcycle affordable for all with innovative safety and design specs.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation
At UM, we strive to be more than a world-class motorcycle company. By pushing the boundaries of innovation, by providing exhilarating design at affordable prices, by offering both reliable service and serious fun, we create something bigger than ourselves. We create a feeling shared by UM associates and riders alike worldwide – an energy of excitement and camaraderie that sets us apart from the status quo. It is this energy that brings us together and drives us to the cutting edge.

Good design is a combination of function, technology, human need & beauty to produce something different for the world
UM aims to position itself as a world leader in the motorcycle industry, establishing a strong, reliable network of suppliers and distributors along the way. With every sale, every service, every new design, we take one more innovative step toward exceeding ‘traditional’ standards of quality, service, and price.

Feel the Freedom
The UM stable features a range of models Grouped into three dynamic product families; Renegade, Xtreet & DSR.

Renegade – Leave nothing in your wake but a legacy. Live to ride, and ride to live

Rule the Streets with the Renegade Range. With cruiser blood pumping through every inch of the Renegade line up you’re sure to experience the passion that only the open road can provide.

Xtreet – Discover the Revolutionary Xtreet Range

Fast, Sexy, Safe and Innovative. These are the Cornerstones of the revolutionary Xtreet Range. Designed to give you more power than ever before with innovative smart technologies and engineering performance advancements.

DSR – Take the road that leads to freedom

Need a bike that can easily adjust to your urban and adventurous lifestyle? The DSR range offers the best mixture of performance and versatility to suit every situation.

Join our world and discover the quality, service and unique experience that only UM Motorcycles can offer.

UM is proud to announce that in 2017 the range will be distributed in the UK exclusively by Llexeter Ltd. With their years of experience and award winning professionalism this distributor has been specially selected to deliver the UM experience to the UK. The range will initially launch with 125cc models with larger capacity models due to follow later in the year.

To find out more about the models in the UM stable check out the range via the link below:

If you wish to register your interest for becoming a UM Dealership please contact Llexeter on 0844 567 8887 or alternatively visit their trade site on the link below:

We would like to welcome you to view a selection of the UM range at the Motorcycle Expo 15th-17th January at Stoneleigh park, Coventry on stand B102 alongside Lexmoto.



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