Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Venhill Harley cables

Venhill has introduced a range of replacement Harley-Davidson clutch cables with an option to choose a longer length for custom applications. The cables use a marine-grade stainless steel inner wire to minimise stretch, with a PTFE liner to reduce friction and provide a lighter action. The liner also removes the need for regular lubrication. All cables are ‘bird-caged’ – a process which makes the bond with the nipple much stronger, improving durability, and the outer sheath is covered with a hardened nylon sleeve, to protect against damage, moisture and corrosion. As well as standard cables, they can be ordered in longer lengths, increasing by 25mm at a time up to 600mm extra. Kits are available for many modern Harley-Davidson models, with SRPs starting from £41.40.
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