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Workshop Cable Kits

Professional grade DIY Motorcycle Cables

When you need a replacement cable to finish a job and you don’t have the right part in stock, Venhill Workshop Kits have everything you need to get your customer back on the road.

Ideal for busy workshops, the VWK005 Workshop Clutch/Throttle kit contains 10m of conduit, 10m of low friction liner and 10m of inner wire.

A range of nipples and high quality fittings are also included. The ferrules and bends are a snug fit on the conduit and can be bonded in place during the assembly, or crimped / retained with a small centre punch indentation to their side.

There are enough fittings in the kit to make at least ten lines (5 clutch and 5 throttle), packed in a handy carry case, to keep things neat and tidy.

For a top quality factory finish, invest in a Venhill VT13 ‘bird caging’ tool to make the bond with the nipples stronger prior to soldering.

If you only need to make cables occasionally, Venhill offer a Clutch Kit and Throttle Kit, each containing 5m of outer conduit and 5m of inner wire, plus a selection of nipples and high quality fittings. These can also be used to top up the Kit Box if required.

For all your motorcycle control cable and hose needs – for road, track and dirt bikes – call Venhill.

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