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Improved Interphone range

class=”p1″>Comprising Tour, Sport and Urban units, the improved Interphone range  Each unit features new quick-touch buttons, increased battery life, reduced charging time and Interphone App controllability as well as delivering superior audio quality via Bluetooth 4.2 with built-in FM radio. The range-topping Tour can pair up to four motorcyclists and reaches a maximum of 1.5km. It is compatible with all intercom, GPS and smartphones devices fitted with Bluetooth. The single pack retails at £219.99 and its £379.99 for the twin pack. The Interphone Sport also pairs with up to four riders but over a 1 km range and has less talk time available from a single charge than the Tour. SRPs are £169.99, single or £299.99, twin. The Urban has no group chat facility but all the standard Bluetooth connectivity including pillion intercom, talk time is slightly less than the Sport and prices less too at £109.99 SRP. single and £199.99 SRP, twin.

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