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disappointing six months for suzuki

Summing up half-yearly results to 30 September for Suzuki’s motorcycle and ATV business is apparently all about losing less money by selling fewer bikes, according to BDN financial editor Roger Willis.

Global revenue fell by 21.7% to £751.2m, with negative foreign currency translation allegedly to the fore, given total volume was only 5.7% down at 499,000 units. That delivered an operating loss in the sector of £5.2m — significantly better than £9.4m in the red during the equivalent six-month period last year. Presumably model mix played a plus or minus role somewhere but the company’s presentation didn’t actually say.

Export sales volume decreased in every market. Europe was 11.1% down at 24,000 units while associated revenue dropped by 21% to £151.8m. North American head-count plunged by 41.2% to 10,000 units and takings sank by 45.5% to £79m.

Asia almost held station, with product numbers falling by just 2.3% to 354,000 units. But related revenue was 15.1% down at £316.5m. Other areas in the emerging world lumped together saw volume shrink by 20.6% to 77,000 units and revenue knocked by 25.6% to £123.4m.

Suzuki’s Japanese domestic market was dead flat on 31,000 units. But even there, without currency conversion a factor, the money slid by 4.4% to £80.4m. 




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