Thursday, June 20, 2024


In 2014, Yamaha cemented recovery with growing sales and profit, mainly thanks an impressive performance from its core motorcycle operations.

Overall, the company reported annual revenue up by 7.9 per cent to £8.34bn. Operating profit increased by 58.2 per cent to £479m. Net profit rose by 55.4 per cent to £375m.

Although the brand’s global bike sales volume was down by four per cent to 5.8 million units, booming sales in more profitable developed countries — primarily Europe and the USA — more than compensated for a reduction elsewhere.

Such developed markets delivered 13 per cent growth to 410,000 units. Associated revenue climbed by 21.9 per cent to £1.18bn.

In emerging markets, South-East Asian volume declined by nine per cent while India improved by 23 per cent, combining to a 4.6 per cent reduction at 5.39 million units. However, associated revenue was up by 1.4 per cent to £4.18bn.

For the motorcycle division as a whole, revenue grew by 5.3 per cent to £5.36bn, some 56 per cent of Yamaha’s entire turnover. Operating profit from bikes rocketed by 174 per cent to £126m. The power products division, which primarily encompasses quadbike and side-by-side ATVs, added a 12.2 per cent revenue rise to £780m with related operating profit up by 23.9 per cent to £36m.

For its 2015 financial year, Yamaha is forecasting an approximate eight per cent improvement in its worldwide motorcycle sales volume to 6.28 million units and associated revenue growth to £6.03bn.


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