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Final countdown for EBR

US bike manufacturer Erik Buell Racing (EBR) is finally set to disappear after its rump owner Liquid Asset Partners announced a three-part disposal programme of the company’s entire assets, starting on 7 June.

Liquid Asset Partners director Bill Melvin, who had shut down the briefly-revived EBR Motorcycles factory in January this year following poor bike sales and his inability to off-load it as a going concern, was blunt about the liquidation process. 

“We have no illusions, the market is very soft and we are prepared to deeply discount everything,” he said. “It’s stacked high and we’re selling it cheap. Everything must be sold, regardless of cost or loss. The deals are too cheap to miss. You can buy anything from a race motorcycle and hand tools to the iconic brand itself.”

A two-month piecemeal sale for fans will kick off on 7 June at the factory and then continue online, offering tons of parts, tools and historic items associated with EBR. On 8 June there will be a public auction of the factory’s production and test equipment, plus additional lots including EBR intellectual property. And then remaining bike spares stock notionally valued at about £12m retail will be liquidated through a discounted standard parts ordering process.        


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