Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Livewire Harley teases pedelecs

Harley-Davidson has followed up its LiveWire electric motorcycle project with three prototype pedelecs.

The three bikes shown in a post in the “Future Vehicles” section of the Harley-Davidson site all appear nearly production ready rather than CG renders or rough prototypes. They are also co-mingling with three other “future” models including the now present-and-accounted-for Livewire, the upcoming streetfighter and the due-soon Pan American dual-sport.

The pedelecs appear to feature multi-speed rear hubs, belt drive, disc brakes, and electric motors mounted amidships around the pedalling mechanism. Batteries appear to be held within the frames instead of riding outboard in a quick-swap configuration. Three models are shown, including one step-though design with no upper frame spar.

There are also no specific performance specs other than to say the bikes are pedal-assist, and no hint was given to any possible pricing.



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