Saturday, July 20, 2024


Pursuers of up-for-grabs VW subsidiary Ducati were joined briefly at the end of May by MotoCorsa, a US Ducati dealership based in Portland, Oregon.

MotoCorsa launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $1.6bn for its Ducati takeover attempt. To promote investment in this fund, perks were offered at every level of participation, from sticker kits and T-shirts to new Ducati motorcycles for minimum $35,000 tranches.

In a statement on the Indiegogo website, MotoCorsa said: “We’ve been loving Ducati motorcycles and the people who ride them for nearly two decades. After all these years of perfecting the Ducati experience, winning awards and setting records, we think buying Ducati is the obvious next step. Corporations are great sometimes, but let’s face it – who better to run Ducati than a bunch of Ducati-lovin’ crazed moto-heads? Why not have the gang from Borgo Panigale ride with us?”

Much to MotoCorsa’s amazement (and amusement), various American bike business publications swallowed its proposition hook, line and sinker. So, a couple of days later, the Indiegogo funding pitch was terminated with the following explanation.

“What was, we thought, clearly a joke seems to have been taken seriously by some news outlets. To be clear, this was a parody. To remove confusion, we’ve taken this down. Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun.”  

However, MotoCorsa had acquired 22 backers by then, according to Indiegogo. Total funds raised from them towards the buy-out goal were a magnificent $1055.


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