Monday, July 22, 2024


Calling everyone in the motorcycle trade. We know that times are tough, both personally and professionally. Covid-19 is still rampant in the community, and there’s no immediate end in sight. Things will get worse before they improve. But we figure it’s better to do something than do nothing.

To that end, Sump Magazine has designed a high-visibility vest aimed at promoting motorcycle usage during the emergency. We’re hoping that will lead directly to new and sustained business for the bike trade. But first we need to get the message out there, and that message is simple: If you ride a motorcycle, you can avoid public transport and minimise your risk of picking up the virus and transmitting it.

The design on these vests is FREE to all-comers. Just email Sump Magazine and ask. A .pdf file will be sent back to you which you’re free to use in whatever way you feel is appropriate. No commitment. No obligation.

Alternately, state your requirements on an email and Sump Magazine will forward a payment button. The vests are £9 each which includes VAT and postage and packing. Note that Sump Magazine makes absolutely no money on these vests. The aim is simply to help get the wheels turning again. So use your own printers if you prefer. Tip: have a batch printed for your customers and ask them to spread the message.

Sump Magazine has contacted all the major motorcycle publications, the MCIA, numerous bike clubs and other potentially interested parties looking for support. And note too that British Dealer News is standing four-square behind this initiative. For further information, see the links below:


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