Monday, April 22, 2024


The Isle of Man Government and the Manx Motor Cycle Club (MMCC), respectively organisers of the Classic TT and Manx Grand Prix, have taken a joint decision to cancel this year’s events, which were due to take place between the 22 August and 4 September. The decision followed consultations, taking into account emergency measures caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic, including border controls and travel restrictions.

Commenting on the cancellation, IoM Government Minister for Enterprise Laurence Skelly said: “This is obviously a conclusion that we didn’t want to reach. But unfortunately when all the factors and advice are considered we felt that it was important to make an early decision to provide clarity and certainty to race officials, fans and sponsors, as well as competitors themselves. 

“Although we cannot predict at this stage exactly what the Island’s or the global position will be in four months’ time, there is sufficient uncertainty and therefore making an early decision is the only responsible thing to do.

“We also want to reassure the Island’s residents that their health and well-being remains our number-one priority and focus in this ongoing situation. And furthermore it isn’t appropriate to potentially place additional demands onto our hard-working hospital and medical staff by running the events this year.”

MMCC chairman Peter Maddocks added: “We were asked, as race organisers, by the Government whether we were confident that the event could take place purely from a logistical and operational point of view this year. Although we were confident that we could provide the officials, the situation around other key personnel, such as marshals and medical personnel could not be guaranteed. 

“Additionally the availability of critical event contractors, and whether the infrastructure and equipment could even reach the Isle of Man in time, is also an area of great uncertainty.

“We also took into account the levels of pre-event practice riders would have had, to enable them to effectively take on the unique challenge that racing on the Mountain Course represents. All of these factors were considered and ultimately formed the basis of the decision that, from an operational point of view, the event had to be cancelled this year. Even though we are all in uncertain times the MMCC is looking forward to planning a return to the Mountain Course in 2021.”


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