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Dealer drops BMW, signs Royal Enfield

CW Motorcycles of Dorchester is parting company with its BMW franchise after a 36-year association and is looking forward to a “more agile” business model with Royal Enfield and other smaller brands. MD Dave Wyndham, who runs the business with his wife Rosemary, revealed: “BMW has permitted us, in this run-out period, to take on one other franchise, so we have accepted quite gracefully Royal Enfield into our fold.

“We are delighted with that. We think they are lovely bikes that bring a smile to any motorcyclist’s face regardless of what they ride – whether it be a Harley, Ducati, a BMW or whatever. When they see a Royal Enfield, something like an Interceptor coming towards them, it’s a lovely sound, a lovely motorbike.

“I think motorcyclists will be looking for less expensive options and solutions for their motorcycling requirements, and if they are lucky enough to own a really nice large touring or sports bike for specialist use, something like an Enfield or one of the many other budget machines on offer will allow them to spread the load on mileage, so they can keep up the optimum value of their main motorcycle.

“So we are looking forward to that, and after the run-out period at the end of July we have options to take on other brands.”

Wyndham continued: “And you know, you hear other stories, talking to other guys who are privateers – generally one-man or two-man bands, they’re not doing badly, you know. They are independent back-street/back-shed people, but they are doing OK. I think there is a big demand for that.

“We want to retrace our steps, to have that independent approach.

“We are looking forward to a more relaxed, more ‘bikey’ sort of future. Do you know what I mean? We want to get back to our roots. You know, we are all motorcyclists, we love it. We all go touring, we do trail-riding, that’s the sort of people we are here.”


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