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Motogb: 'we have something for everybody'

MotoGB had eight brands of motorcycles and scooters on an impressive stand at Motorcycle Live that was attracting a lot of attention from visitors. The importer/distributor handles Benelli, Lambretta, Royal Alloy, Hanway, Keeway, FB Mondial, Sym, Italjet, plus Royal Enfield, which had its own dedicated stand.

“We have something for everybody, from the 50ccs to the new Benelli 752S,” said Adlington-based MotoGB’s Matt Kay. “We have an awful lot of dealers working with us now – about 200 – who can pick and choose from our brands depending on their location and which other dealers are in the area with different brands.”

The main talking point was the Benelli 752S. “Benelli is a huge brand, a historical brand established in 1911. It has been owned for the past two years by one of the biggest automotive groups in the world – Qianjiang, which also owns Keeway. The last two years have seen huge investment, lots of new models, and there are more new models to come through.

“The bikes offer great quality at great prices – a brand heading in the right direction and heading there at some pace, to be fair. But yeah, it’s very positive brand for us at the moment – definitely well-liked and well-loved.”

Although, like most manufacturers these days, the bikes are built in China, Benelli still has a huge presence in Pesaro, its home in Italy since 1911. All the R&D and technical design of the bikes is still done in Italy, an arrangement described by Kay as “a great combination that seems to work well”.

Retro motorcycles included the final version of the 400cc Imperiale, another historical Benelli name from the 1950s/60s. That will be available early this month.

Motorcycle Live also witness the UK relaunch of the Italjet Dragster – again a classic name for many scooterists that will remember from the late 1990s. They should be available in the spring.

Retro is still a huge market across all sectors, not least scooters, and one of the leading players is another brand distributed by MotoGB – Royal Alloy.

On show at Motorcycle Live was the final production version of the GP300 scooter, which was attracting a huge amount of interest. There was also a prototype of the TG300, which will go into production later in the year.

Steve Oliver, CEO of Royal Alloy said the challenge was to build sales worldwide to establish the scooters as a premium brand. “We are striving for the best in whatever we do, improving quality, design and increasing sales.”

Oliver said Royal Alloy globally – it has a factory in Liyang in the Jiangsu province of China and one in Thailand on the outskirts of Bangkok – hoped to sell about 5500 scooters this year. “I can say 2020 will be an exceptional year and we can double our sales.”


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