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Electric charging points for Number Ten

A £5million scheme is under way that will see radical changes to government vehicle fleets. Under the scheme, 150 electric vehicles are to be introduced to government departments, plus another 135 electric vehicles for local councils, police and NHS fleets. Additionally, 10 Downing Street is to get its own electric-vehicle charging points.

Currently, there are around 25,000 vehicles in the central government fleet, of which 9000 are with the Ministry of Defence, 5000 with the Environment Agency, and 1500 with the Ministry of Justice. Another 85 vehicles are currently used by ministers, down from 142 in 2011, take note.

The government is keen to “lead by example”, and to be seen doing it. Official vehicles generally have a two-year service life, after which electric replacements will become an option.

Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has been quoted as stating that the aim is to have a government fleet that’s 100 per cent electric – except for “specific tasks or where the vehicle technology isn’t ready”.

Said Oliver Letwin, Cabinet Office minister: “We are extremely anxious to use the Government’s purchasing power to increase the chances that the British public as a whole will take up electric vehicles. As part of that, after some investigation, we have actually managed to establish a team to put proper charging points up and down Downing Street so that we can also run electric vehicles in Downing Street itself.”


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