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Encouraging shift towards electric

“July has been disappointing for the motorcycle industry, with figures well below last year. However, registrations year-to-date have increased significantly. This is a positive result as the industry faces unprecedented challenges. Supply chains remain a consistent issue whilst the cost-of-living crisis is set to impact figures further,” said Symon Cook, head of NMDA, commenting on the latest MCIA new registration figures.

“Registrations of scooters in July 2022 decreased sharply to 2925, a decline of 20%. However, the YTD registrations are recorded at 20,234, up by 2.3% compared with 2021, which was 19,780. For non-scooter mopeds and motorcycles, July 2022 saw figures of 8092, a decrease of 7.8% compared to July 2021’s 8779 registrations. There is a more positive outlook for YTD figures – an increase of 7.8% to 54,746 compared to 2021’s 50,762.

“With the 2030 deadline for new ICE sales on the horizon, it is positive to see that there has been a sharp increase in registrations of electric two wheelers. For the 11-15kW powerband, the July 2022 YTD figures are significantly higher than 2021’s YTD figures.

“In line with government plans to ban the sale of ICE PTWs, we have seen more brands enter the market for electric motorbikes. BMW is a surprising addition to the EV market, with seven registrations for the 11-15kW power bracket.

“Despite a challenging year, the latest figures from the MCIA are encouraging. Although figures are down compared to July 2021, there has been a growth in YTD figures. As the industry shifts towards electric, it’s encouraging to see that electric powered two-wheelers are making strong progress.”

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