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Glass’s motorcycle market overview

Data published by the Motor cycle Industry Association (MCIA) showed that registrations in April grew by 1.1%. Following a decline in March, this is positive news. However, the next few months will give a clearer indication of market performance as the season progresses towards its peak.

Feedback from dealers in April suggests that the season has continued to be slower this year, with April feeling more like March for some. Although a combination of factors has hindered the market for some time, persistent wet weather has been the major culprit recently. However, the market did show increased growth as the month progressed, with some dealers achieving their targets, but this can be brand dependent.

The Triumph 400 Scrambler and Speed models continue to be successful, with no sign of sales slowing down. The bulk of demand is currently for smaller to mid-range machines, although larger machines continue to do well.

Used Motorcycle Market
Sales and demand for used machinery have been variable. Some dealers report they are doing well because used machines are a more affordable option, while others are struggling and doing better with their new machines. The overall impression is that the used market is currently marginally less buoyant than the new market.

Demand for used bikes in April was variable, with price, mileage and condition all being key. However, as with the new market, mid-range machines continue to be the most sought after, although demand for larger machines remains, and they are selling well for some dealers.

April was a month of two halves, being mild to begin with and colder later. However, the wet theme remained throughout, resulting in continued poor riding conditions. May has started warmer and, more importantly, drier, providing some much-needed decent riding conditions to help give the season the boost it desperately needs. As June approaches and with daylight hours nearing their maximum, values are expected to remain firm across most segments.

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