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Glass’s motorcycle market overview

Data published by the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCIA) showed that registrations in December fell short of 2022’s tally by 11.6%, with the full-year total lagging 2.5% behind 2022. When compared to 2019’s pre-pandemic total, however, 2023 was 5.7% ahead, and although manufacturer supply was less of an issue last year, considering the ongoing cost of living issues and economic uncertainty, this is an impressive result.

Festive cheer
Recent feedback from dealers suggests the final quarter of 2023 was quieter than normal, with the cost of living having more of an impact since November. However, a few dealers had a reasonable Christmas to New Year period.

The new Triumph 400 Speed and Scrambler models have been very well received, with dealers having strong order books. The new Kawasaki 500cc twin models are also attracting significant interest, and there are high hopes for the new Honda CBR600 RR.

Although 2024 is likely to be another challenging year, some dealers are cautiously optimistic that spending confidence may recover as lower-interest-rate mortgages start being more widely available on the financial markets.

Used Motorcycle Feedback
Used sales and enquiry levels have also been quieter recently compared to the last few years.

However, as with the market for new machinery, some dealers reported an uptick in activity towards the end of December. There has not been any clear trend as to what has been particularly sought after recently, but good clean machines will always sell if priced correctly. Stock remains plentiful with many dealers only purchasing if the machine is particularly good, and are otherwise only taking in part-exchanges as they report they are well stocked for the season ahead.

2023 proved to be a strong year for some dealers, who enjoyed impressive levels of used sales and decent profit margins.

December was a mild but very wet month overall, and although January has seen some drier weather following a wet start, it has turned much colder with the threat of snow and ice.

Taking this into account and dealer stock levels being strong for the time of year, Glass’s expects values to moderately ease during the coming weeks.

Paul McDonald
Leisure Vehicles Editor


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