Saturday, April 13, 2024


Retail tech provider iVendi has warned that a number of factors, not least the situation in Ukraine, were causing an increased level of malicious on-line activity — including a multi-market European dealer group which was recently targeted by the Hive ransomware group.

“It is widely acknowledged that we are currently seeing a substantially increased threat level,” says Simon Hunt, head of information security and compliance at iVendi. “Only a few weeks ago, official cyber security bodies in the US, UK and Australia issued a general warning about high levels of activity.

“While details of the major European dealer group incident are limited, it illustrates how motor and motorcycle retailers — perhaps especially larger businesses — are potentially vulnerable to cyber-attacks that could seriously compromise their ability to operate in the short term and damage their reputation in the longer term.”

Noting that its experience suggests security standards vary widely across the UK and European dealer sector, iVendi has therefore released a new ten-point Security Check document in response.

“This provides a quite detailed guide to the areas they should examine,” explains Hunt. “It’s not designed to replace a full security consultation but is intended to prompt action within dealerships, to ensure they are taking the basic precautions required to protect their data and businesses.”

The iVendi checklist can be obtained by e-mailing [email protected]


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