Monday, July 22, 2024
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prices set to strengthen

Used demand remains buoyant, with suggestions that consumers are also purchasing used machines earlier in the season to ensure they don’t miss out if stock becomes problematic, as it did last year. However, while the current limited availability of new machines continues, even more people will turn to the used market for their next machine over the coming months.

Stock supply remains a challenge, although most dealers have become accustomed to being more proactive and are experimenting with retailing brands they would have previously traded into the market. Dealer stock levels are typically 50% down on normal, however.

We are now more than halfway through winter, with daylight hours noticeably increasing. And although the threat of adverse weather continues, the season has been generally mild and dry so far, making for decent riding conditions. Glass’s expects market prices to strengthen for the majority of segments in the coming weeks.

Paul McDonald
Leisure vehicle editor, Glass’s


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