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Hackney riders, celebs and campaigners protest against punitive parking policies

You don’t have to look far for protests in the capital at the moment. And there was another one on Saturday 8 October, when hundreds of bikers rode through Hackney to protest against the council’s plans for massive parking charges – up to £6/hour, and four-hour maximum parking limits for bikes, which would essentially kill off commuting by motorcycle into the borough. Even more crazy is that these costs apply to petrol and electric bikes and are the same as those for cars.

TV and radio presenter Matthew Wright said: “I don’t think any reasonable person would think that what Hackney Council is doing is fair and therefore it’s vital we take this protest onto the streets and persuade the council to do the right thing and back down… how can driving motorcycles off the road do anything for congestion? They don’t care about us, our safety on the roads, but they do care when they can squeeze us for a few pounds, so let’s say no to these ludicrous parking charges and let Hackney Council know how strongly we feel about it”.

Addressing the rally, senior GMB trade union official Steve Garelick said: “We’re in a cost-of-living crisis at the moment… this is hurting everyone, to add an extra cost on individuals who can ill afford it, especially at the moment is very questionable. It’s an extra ordeal they can do without… the cost of parking, the cost of enforcement, against a minority is wholly inappropriate.”

A spokesperson from Save London Motorcycling, which organised the protest, said: “Hackney Council must urgently reverse their position which will increase car use, congestion and pollution, and price working people out of the borough. Right now, the way Hackney Council are planning to impose these crazy charges running into thousands of pounds on some of the lowest paid workers looks a lot like punching down. Enough is enough”.

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