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Have your say on classic motorcycle testing

The Department for Transport has set up a website for people to discuss and make suggestions about changes to road-worthiness testing for classic motorcycles.

The current rules in Great Britain will have to change in 2018 because current UK law is incompatible with the new EU Directive. However there is some flexibility on how this happens, so DfT is seeking views and evidence on the best way to make these changes.

What could change?

In Great Britain all vehicles manufactured before 1960 are exempt from regular road-worthiness testing. A new EU Directive changes the rules around this. The new rules allow member states to exempt vehicles from testing if they:

•    are at least 30 years old
•    haven’t had substantial changes made to them

This means that, if we wish to continue to exempt classic vehicles from regular testing, we’ll need to update UK law to reflect EU law.
How can you get involved?

To help make this change, DfT is looking for information and views from people and organisations who are interested in this area. They’re looking for a solution that:

•    supports the government’s aim for better regulation that minimises the burdens on vehicle owners and businesses
•    supports our aims for better road safety

Click here to access the consultation website, which will be open until 24 October.


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