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Intercom plug and play deal

Industry standards are usually great for consumers: being able to plug your phone into any standard USB socket makes life easier all round, and things such as the Bluetooth standard make things simpler for the non-tech savvy. But it’s not so straightforward for manufacturers, who often want to make their own innovations and compete for sales.

So it’s good to see three key motorcycle intercom brands launching two new technical standards, which should help more riders connect to their friends’ chat devices, without worrying about which model or make they have, and also improve choice between brands and helmet fitments.

Cardo Systems, Midland and UCLEAR Digital unveiled the new Open Bluetooth Intercom (OPI)and the Universal Communications Solution standards earlier this year but presented them again at the Milan show last month. The two standards allow for seamless cross-brand Bluetooth intercom connection and easier helmet headset connectivity fitments respectively. The UCS has been compared with the car stereo DIN standards, because it defines the size and shape of helmet communication devices, so helmet makers can provide one integrated fitting location for all intercoms and still comply with ECE 22.06 standards.

S.K. Hui of UCLEAR Digital, said: “UCLEAR has supported the concept of an open Bluetooth intercom standard for many years because it’s what our customers want, and what they deserve. OBI allows seamless intercom interoperability between brands and improves overall performance and reliability. Customers will enjoy more choice and less frustration.”

Asian expansion
Cardo Systems has announced an expansion of its Asia-Pacific team, with the appointment of Vincent Peña as sales director. Peña said: “I am very happy to join the Cardo Systems team at such an exciting time for the business in APAC. I’m looking forward to working towards more riders understanding the joy of communication and building the already strong Cardo community. I look forward to working with the team and meeting our sales associates.”


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