Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Lloyds turns electric with Maeving

Like most big firms, major banks are keen to burnish their green credentials these days. So it was probably a no-brainer for Lloyds Banking Group to get behind up-and-coming electric bike maker Maeving in a new finance partnership. The deal will see the British-built battery bikes backed up by the Black Horse brand’s range of financial product, helping it get customers onto its £7k retro-styled electric roadsters.

Nick Williams, transport MD at Lloyds Banking Group said, “As the UK’s market leader in automotive funding and leasing, we’ve made supporting the transition towards a zero-emission future central to our vision, helping motorists and companies make the move to electric. Our partnership with Maeving is a really exciting development for us. It’ll help more people go electric, and our shared ethos and ambition mean we can help each other on our respective journeys to net zero.”

Will Stirrup, co-founder at Maeving, added, “As a new UK manufacturer, Maeving is delighted to be working with the UK market leader for vehicle asset finance. Through a deep and constructive partnership, we were able to integrate a Blackhorse finance quote to a customer’s journey directly through our website. To our knowledge this is a first for an EV motorcycle manufacturer.”



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