Monday, July 22, 2024
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iVendi GVA Caution

iVendi is advising caution about the new Google Vehicle Ad technology that is about to hit the internet – saying that dealers need to work to make their bike description pages more ‘sticky’. Rob Severs, senior VP at iVendi, said that the structure of new customer journeys involving GVAs meant it was easy to click straight from a search engine to a specific bike page but to then click straight back out.

“We’ve seen data from the US, where GVAs have now been in effect for some months, showing that the visit for each customer to the dealer website involves only 1.2 to 1.4 pages. That indicates many are looking at a vehicle and then hitting the back button. The challenge for dealers is to find new ways of making those vehicle pages ‘sticky’ so that potential buyers stay on the website, looking at other stock and, importantly, options such as vehicle finance and value-added products. “It could mean something of a redesign for the kind of standard vehicle pages we see most dealers using today, moving towards approaches used in other areas of online retail.”


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