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JD Sports stunt bike ad criticised

Usually, the industry is happy to see motorcycles featured in mainstream advertising, but that’s not the case with a recent online campaign from major sportswear retailer JD Sports. The adverts featured video clips of urban wheelies by stunt rider OneWheelWavey and his crew on dirtbikes and quads – with the riders wearing Nike trainers and sportswear instead of proper riding kit.

To be fair to JD Sports, experienced stunt riders are unlikely to crash doing simple wheelies shown in the video. The firm told the BBC that the footage was shot under controlled conditions on closed roads after rigorous risk assessments.

Nevertheless, the ads were blasted in online comments from bikers, and have been the subject of complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority, for promoting unsafe riding.
The MCIA also gave JD Sports the thumbs-down. CEO Tony Campbell, told the BBC, “It is difficult to comprehend how an organisation like JD Sports can get this so wrong on so many levels. Promoting anti-social and irresponsible riding in an effort to sell more trainers is quite unbelievable.

“The industry has some clear self-imposed advertising guidelines where any form of irresponsible riding depicting speed, wheelies, stoppies or burnouts is a strict no-no. For JD Sports to promote and glamorise this to young people is irresponsible.”


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