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Touratech seats for Transalp

Honda’s adventure enduro Transalp 750 is great for munching the miles on all sorts of terrain, but the designers at Touratech think that they can make it a bit more comfortable on the posterior for those long-distance rides. So they have developed a new Comfort seat, which comes in three different thicknesses, to replace the OE one. The foam core of the new seats has been carefully selected to improve support, and is shaped with a longitudinal groove to reduce pressure on the coccyx and contoured to even-out weight distribution. The seat angle has been chosen to optimise the angle of the pelvis for correct posture. Over this goes a textured material cover that uses Fresh Touch technology to reduce the seat’s temperature in sunlight by up to 10oC. The cover is waterproof, and the sealed seams have been positioned to avoid chafing and pressure points. The three different thickness seats give a height of 55, 57 or 59cm when fitted on the bike, which compares to the original height of 54cm. SRP is €440.

Touratech; +49 7728 9279-0; [email protected]


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