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knox takes pr in-house

Motorcycle protection and clothing company Knox has taken its PR activities in-house. The Cockermouth-based manufacturer had used Dan Sager and the Fabulous Biker Boys for the past 15 years.

Know said the decision resulted from its “single vision and desire fully to control the flow and timing of information about the company and its products”.

“We are very grateful to the Fabulous Biker Boys. It helped Knox achieve MCN product of the year 2000 – Knox Stowaway Back Protector; MCM product award 2001 – Knox OE protectors; Knox Handroid product launch 2010; FastBikes product award – Knox Handroid; Ride kit award 2011 – Knox Handroid;   MCN product of the year 2012 – Knox Venture Armoured Shirt; Ride product kit awards 2013 – Cold Killers Windwear; FastBikes product award 2013 – Knox Urbane Shirt; Knox Studio Collection product launch 2014; Knox Micro-Lock protection – product Launch 2016.


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