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ktm leads european push to postpone Euro 4 deadline

KTM has assured its dealers that it remains “fully committed to its business partnerships”, and that it is leading a European motorcycle industry drive to have the Euro 4 deadline put back into 2021.

In a statement, the manufacturer, which stopped production on 18 March until 14 April, says its sales, marketing and customer service teams will remain operational and continue to work closely with dealerships “to overcome our everyday challenges”.

The company is also taking measures to lighten the financial burden on dealers and suspend the need to preorder its off-road machines.

KTM says it “initiated and leads an effort of the European motorcycle industry to postpone the upcoming Euro 4 deadline as far as possible into 2021”. It added: “We shall keep you updated on any changes to the existing regulation once our efforts have led to the intended results.

“Rest assured that no dealer will be left behind. Just like during 2008 and 2009 which were the years of the last global crisis, KTM remains fully committed to the business partnerships to our dealers.”


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