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Lobbying guidance from Sump

Before following recent guidance on lobbying your MP during the coronavirus crisis, motorcycle industry leaders and dealers might want to consider a few timely words of caution from Sump Magazine:

1. The recently published formulated cut-and-paste draft email will have far less impact than individual, original emails however clumsily or artlessly written. Yes, contact your MP and remind him/her that motorcycles are a major transport solution in the Covid-19 era. But for maximum effect, say it in your OWN words.

2. The recent templated email letter is way too long. MPs are busy people. By necessity, they speed read emails. So keep your message to less than 50 words. 100 at most. Say it fast. Keep it brief.

3. Better still, send your message by snail mail on your headed notepaper. It will have even more impact.

4. Avoid jargon. Don’t say “PTW” say “motorcycle” or “scooter”. And avoid too many stats and numbers. Stay on the simple message that riding motorcycles helps minimise the Covid-19 transmission risk and will help get the UK mobilised for work.

5. Can’t quite summon up the energy to do this worthy thing? Okay. DELEGATE. DELEGATE. DELEGATE. Pick out a suitable member of your shop/business/organisation and tell them to get it sorted. Magically, it will happen, and you will have “done your bit” for the wider motorcycling interest.

Meanwhile, also see Sump Magazine’s MOTORCYCLES.WORK initiative on how to directly appeal to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.




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