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longest day raises £100,000 in past seven years

Cancer Research UK’s Longest Day Down challenge has raised over £100,000 so far, with motorcyclists uniting in the fight against cancer. On 21 June, the event ran upwards, giving bike enthusiasts an extra challenge. Notable participants included Motorcycle Industry Association’s chief executive Tony Campbell, and is a test of the endurance of professional motorcyclists. 2019 is the seventh year that the challenge has taken place, the charity reports, but if you want to get involved then it is guaranteed to take place again in 2020.

The Rules of the Challenge

Cancer Research UK writes:

Originally called the Longest Day Down challenge, the event began as a motorcycle ride from John O’Groats to Land’s End. This year, however, is the fourth time that it has run ‘upwards’ from Land’s End to John O’Groats. The event took place between sunrise and sunset on 21 June, but had some very specific rules to make it more difficult.

The bikes cannot be modified and are not allowed to cost more than £300. There are just 25 places available and riders must follow the designated route, which involves a ceremonial ride to the Premier Inn in Penzance, before getting some much needed rest and heading all the way to the Natural Retreats log cabin in John O’Groats. Professional and trade motorcyclists gather for the test of endurance. They can use any kind of motorcycle, but the strict price limit often involves riding an old beat up 50cc bike. On road support is offered in case of any mechanical problems.

Who Does it Help?

The great thing about the Longest Way Up challenge is that it combines the passion of the riders with helping to fund important research into treating and curing cancer. Over £100,000 has been raised in total. This money is being put to good use, with all types of cancer reducing in severity.

According to the latest data, cancer survival rates are improving. Patients diagnosed with stage one prostate, breast, or skin cancer are just as likely to be alive after a year as the general population. Motorcyclists, just like everyone, are bound to know someone who has been affected by cancer and will want to donate to this challenge, if not partake in it themselves.

How to Get Involved?

Places on the Longest Way Up challenge are strictly limited to 25, mostly for safety reasons. They are given out on a first come first served basis, so keep an eye out for when the application process opens for the 2020 event. You can donate to Cancer Research at any time or look around for other motorcycle related charity fundraisers.

The Longest Way Up challenge is the ultimate test of endurance in the UK. It involves a race against the sun to cover the length of the country on a cheap motorcycle. While a lot of fun for motorcycle enthusiasts, it is also helping to save lives and improve the wellbeing of anyone affected by cancer.


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