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Major make-over for dirt bike show

The winds of change have been more like a tornado than a gentle breeze when it comes to the 2019 International Dirt Bike Show hosted by Mortons Media Group.

Following a disappointing 2018 show in terms of industry support, many feared the future of the show was in serious doubt, writes Suzanne Potts. This escalated when the dates for 2019 were slow to be released but it turns out this was as a result of a major shake-up for this year’s show.

The industry talk in the wake of the 2018 show was that it needed a revamp; a date change, venue change, format change – pretty much a complete makeover – and credit to the organisers as they have listened and tried to come up with something that answers these demands.

While the detailed specifics of the show are not yet known, what we do know is that the new venue is the Stafford Showground, ST18 0BD. A great venue in the heart of the country with good access and one which Mortons regularly use for its Classic shows (pictured top). The new venue should give the organisers greater flexibility for displays and should also result in more cost-effective exhibition space for stall-holders.

The Dirt Bike Show has also moved from a four-day format to a two-day weekend event, again following comments that a four-day show was overkill and unnecessary. The new date is 28-29 September, bringing the show forward to a time when the off-road world is still very much in season.

News of the changes broke at the Classic Dirt Bike Show at Telford and initial feedback was positive, boosted by confirmation that a major manufacturer was already on board.

Let’s hope that the other manufacturers and those demanding change uphold their end of the bargain and follow suit to give the off road world the show it deserves!

More in the March issue of BDN.





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