Monday, April 22, 2024
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MCIA Industry initiative

A welcome and timely initiative to bring the entire industry together and drive opportunity to the two wheeled world was hosted this morning by the MCIA via an e-meeting.

MCIA Chief Executive, Tony Campbell chaired the meeting and British Dealer News was delighted to see so many influential industry figures in attendance and taking part of the think-tank style meeting.  The vast majority of industry sectors were in attendance and represented with manufactures, trade and consumer media, insurance, finance, wholesalers, importers, dealer associations and dealers all contributing opinions and ideas.

The financial and economic position that the country and industry are currently facing were discussed with the focus on two wheels offering a real world alterative to public transport right now.

Idea’s and research discussed at the meeting will be worked on to agree a final plan to present a new key two-wheel message to consumers.

Campbell reiterated: “The MCIA have been lobbying hard over the past two years and we have increased activity over the lockdown period to get motorcycles and scooters recognised by government as an important transport solution to the current Covid-19 pandemic”

The new campaign will target the benefits of motorcycling and scootering as a joint industry wide initiative, the aim being to promote and expand the overall market so the whole industry benefits.

British Dealer News is delighted to be involved and will keep the trade up to speed with developments.


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