Wednesday, July 24, 2024


In these uncertain times, with businesses closing doors and the general public doing the right thing and staying safe, here at Moto-Electrical we are bucking the trend.

Due to strict social distancing measures put in place by company directors Ewen Sarah and Phil Rank, we have managed to keep our virtual doors open and keep the phone and online orders coming in. By having our staff run split shifts over the course of a week and any delivery from our suppliers going into quarantine for 24 hours, we have been able to keep the stock coming in and our customers happy as well as delivering the service they expect from us.

With the glorious weather around the UK recently, and with our customers staying at home, we have found by speaking to them on the phone and over email they have found themselves with time on their hands to tinker on the motorbikes, and get those long need repairs done or even start new pet projects.

Moto-Electrical has seen a surge in orders as our customers have made hay while the sun has shone. With key products flying off the shelves include MOSFET regulator rectifiers, R1 Rotors and much more.

With the help of our suppliers, RMStator and Arrowhead we have been able to make sure our range of products stay well stocked and also made sure we have the widest range of motorcycle parts available.

With the possibilities of the UK lockdown not ending anytime soon, Moto-Electrical have put themselves in the forefront of people’s minds with being able to supply our dealers and customers in their time of need – as well as anyone who needs a part for their motorcycle.

Any dealers or garage interested in seeing what we have to offer, can get in touch by calling on 01953 603420 or visit


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