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Motorcycle registrations up on this time last year

Automotive data expert cap hpi has revealed that new registrations for motorcycles are up on this time last year for the year to date, ahead of new car registrations which are on the slide. 

Motorcycles registrations show a 2.1% increase on last year’s figures (as at August) with new car registrations down.

Overall registrations numbers fell by 7.4% to 6924 units in August, which is 557 less than the same period of 2018. The year to date makes for more positive reading with the first eight months of the year up 1534 (2.1%) on last year’s 74,771 total registrations. 

Mopeds continue to perform well, the relatively small amount of trail/enduro numbers have seen an impressive 22% increase and the adventure sector has enjoyed a small, positive boost. Scooters have seen a 5.1% uplift in registrations on year to date and naked motorcycles, claiming the biggest share of the market for some time, dropped sharply by 14.8%, but is still out in front for both the month and year to date with just over a third of the total registrations. 

Alan Elsworth, motorcycle editor at cap hpi, said: “The market has slowed earlier than it did last year but it’s been up in terms of new registrations to present and is outperforming the car market.  With the exception of the moped sector, all the other engine bands lost out compared to last year with a 19% loss in the 651-1000cc band and the over 1000cc band falling by 14.4% for August. 

“All the larger (over 125cc) capacity bands have seen the pre-new plate market share lower for the month than witnessed year-to-date, but a positive over performance for the sub-125cc sector.”

In the used market, trade buyer sentiment is that retail activity has slowed. Weather, politics and ongoing Brexit uncertainty, global economics and general lowering of confidence are just a few of the factors that may have contributed to this year’s pre winter downturn starting earlier than last year. 

Added Elsworth: “As we move into the last quarter of the year, the pattern from recent years is that where cash-flow allows, some dealers are starting to stock up for the next retail season. A close eye will be on trade buyers to identify if this is going to continue this year.”


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