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Motorcycles are the fleet vehicles of the future

Businesses looking to save time and money in fleet transportation costs can now easily incorporate motorcycles, thanks to a new service launched by a major manufacturer.

Honda UK has become the first manufacturer in the country to introduce a specialist motorcycle fleet dealer network. This is aimed at growing the corporate market and will provide support and advice to business customers.

The service will emphasise the many benefits of doing business on two-wheels, according to the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA). These include high fuel economy, low running costs, low CO2 emissions and increased productivity, as motorcycles take less time to move through traffic.

A CBI survey predicting journey times estimates these will increase by 50 per cent within a generation.  Unless fleet operators take action, the impact of congestion on businesses will therefore be significant.

A Belgian study modelling traffic for one of the busiest roads in Europe shows that when just 10 per cent of car drivers swap to a motorcycle or scooter, congestion is cut by 40 per cent for all road users.  When 25 per cent of drivers swap congestion is eliminated.

“Congestion will be an increasingly compelling reason for businesses to look at alternatives to four wheels for their fleet vehicles”, says MCIA CEO Steve Kenward.

“The MCIA has been involved in pulling a number of strands together to make this a viable proposition, including developments in training and safety.  We are delighted to see such a responsible manufacturer entering the fleet arena, which I think will result in exciting times ahead.”

Other manufacturers are expected to follow.

There are several successful examples of motorcycle fleet operators, according to the MCIA, including the police, ambulance service, AA breakdown services and Blood Runners, who courier life saving products between NHS hospitals out of normal working hours.


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