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Market performing well, but patchily

The bike market has continued to perform well over the past few weeks, according to

Motorcycle expert Rob Hobson, comments: “We have seen good steady showroom activity across both new and used bikes but, as is often the case, we’ve had dramatically different reports from both dealers and aftermarket suppliers. Some say footfall is non-existent, while others say they’re flying.

“We’ve eased back most values this month to reflect the expected reduced level of buyer demand and more stock becoming available as owners look to sell over the winter period. Above average examples are likely to hold their value well as dealers know that if they’ve got it, they can sell it, whatever time of year it is. A mild winter would be a massive boost to the market, allowing for a full year of strong trading.

“New bike sales to the end of August, immediately prior to the new letter introduction, were running at around 11% up on the previous year, with a total of 70,860 new bikes registered. While it is clear that Naked and Adventure Sport are the strong market sectors now, it should also be noted that all style categories are up on the same time last year.

“At the time of writing, month-end figures for September are not yet available, but we expect that the uplift seen throughout the year will have been maintained. Overall, the tone has been altogether more positive, but we’re at that point where the thought of getting out on the bike becomes less attractive for some.

“We therefore expect trade bids on used bikes to dip over the coming weeks, although dealers will continue to offer strong money to secure above average examples. The bottom end of the used market remains particularly strong, with most bikes in the £4000-4500 retail range still good news for dealers. Anything used above that mark is more difficult.

“We are at that exciting time of year when new models are launched. Shiny new 2015 bikes are being promoted both in the press and at national and international shows. This will put a greater emphasis upon individual dealer stock levels and we can expect manufacturers to ramp up their activities to chase the all-important market share. Both of these are factors will have a bearing upon the used marketplace.

“Late-plate used stock will be affected by increased incentives on new machines, while concerns over cash flow will temper dealers’ thoughts when considering incoming used stock. We operate in a flatter and less seasonally driven market now though, so we expect used demand to remain strong.” provides buyers and sellers with all the vehicle price data they need: ready to retail, trade, average, retail and Cat D. As a free bonus, it also provides the annual road tax cost and key DVLA information, including the make, model, colour, engine size, body style, fuel type and date of registration.




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