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motorists reject change to four-year first MOT

British motorists have put their support firmly behind keeping the first MOT test for cars at three years, according to the results of new research published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). In a YouGov survey, when told about government plans to change the date of a car’s first MOT, more than three-quarters (76%) of car owners said the test should continue to take place when the vehicle is three years old.

Currently, all cars in the UK must undergo an MOT test when they reach three years old, and then annually thereafter, but government is proposing to delay the date of the first test for 12 months to when the car is four years old. It

The government argued that the switch to four years would save motorists £100 million a year, or £45 over the vehicle’s lifetime. However, 83% of car owners showed resistance to the idea, saying that £45 – the typical MOT test fee2 – is worth the peace of mind that their car is safe, roadworthy and legal.

More than two thirds (68%) also expressed concern that delaying the car’s first MOT could put themselves and other road users in danger and the industry shares this concern. In its consultation, government suggests that new technology in cars such as tyre pressure monitoring systems, lane departure warning or wet weather tyre performance, is making cars safer. However, while such systems may help prevent or mitigate accidents, they do not change the fundamental underlying operation of wear and tear products such as tyres and brakes, which continue to require regular checks and maintenance.

Seventeen per cent of all cars taking their first MOT at three years do not meet minimum safety requirements. Postponing the first MOT for a further 12 months could, therefore, result in almost half a million more cars in unfit condition driving freely and unchecked on UK roads.

•83% of UK car owners say typical £45 MOT test fee is worth the peace of mind that their car is safe, roadworthy and legal, finds new research.
•76% of car owners back automotive industry’s call for government to abandon plans to delay the first MOT for cars by a year.
•89% of car owners unlikely to buy a used car over three years old without a valid MOT certificate.



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