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Power registrations take a hit during September

During September, the Power Two-Wheeler (PTW) market suffered from a lack of sales in all its sectors. Mopeds experienced the biggest decrease in registrations, -15.6%, with 702 registered vehicles. The majority of these sales were from scooters, 551 registered vehicles, which equated to a -8.8% decrease for this segment.

Motorcycles suffered a -9.6% decrease in total registrations for September. Whilst year-to-date figures revealed a 3.7% increase. Within this sector, Touring motorcycles had another successful month with a 27.2% increase in registrations and unspecified motorcycles that increased registrations by 225%. This may be attributed to sales benefiting off the back of an extended summer of good weather.

On the brighter side, electric power two-wheelers (ePTWs) have again experienced growth, highlighting a shift in consumer trends towards cleaner, greener transport. 4-11kw PTW vehicles registered a 250% increase in registrations by selling 112 units. Both 11-15kw and 15-35kw segments experienced a 400% increase in registrations; however, both segments only sold 58units each, which needs to be taken into consideration.

The Honda PCX 125 was the most successful PTW vehicle registering 537 new units in September. The Vmoto SUPER SOCO TC MAX also deserves mention, claiming the spot as highest selling electric PTW vehicle, with 41 new registered units.

Symon Cook, head of NMDA, comments on the latest MCIA new registration figures: “Although September was a disappointing month for the Power Two-Wheel Motor market, there are positives to take from it. It is great to see continued growth in motorcycle test passes, which shows the interest in learning to ride motorbikes is not letting up steam.

“With the recent energy crisis and broader economic climate, it is evident in the data throughout the year that consumers are making the switch to electric vehicles as a form of relief. Similar to the new car market. Other factors attributing to the switch to electric include the rise of short deliveries and consumer awareness towards the environment.


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