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Raiders strike, then leave, closing the door behind them

Raiders broke into the Shrewsbury branch of Complete Bike Training (CBT) recently, stealing two DAS machines (Suzuki Gladius 650s), the owner’s Harley-Davidson Breakout, jackets, helmets, gloves and tools, and the company van.

Having been defeated by CBT’s security, the thieves broke into the next door premises where they found a Stihl saw, which they used to access the training school at the second attempt. They cut through a lock then ripped off the door using a chain attached to a vehicle.

Once inside, they prised the key safe off the wall and cut into the rear to steal vehicle keys before piling everything into the training school’s van and making off.

Complete Bike Training is run by John Taylor and Kevin Byrne, who told BDN: “When the little sods left they closed the roller shutter door behind them, which was nice of them – so it looked as though no-one had been in there!”

When the business – which also has a branch in Telford and is “the biggest training operation in Shropshire”  – posted news of the break-in on Facebook it was inundated with offers of help.

“People –many of our old customers – have been very, very good,” said Byrne (pictured left), “bringing in old gear and everything, so if any of our customers do need a jacket we can supply it. The thieves stole some helmets but we still have other helmets there. We have been training for nearly 10 years now so we have built up a fair bit of stock so we were pretty lucky.”

CBT has 40 machines, 10 instructors, plus trainee instructors, operating between its two sites.

Anyone with any information about the break-in can contact CBT on 01743 624125 or 01952 794125.


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