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Still going strong

Wulfsport International, established in 1980, was the big idea of Bill Brown in the small town of Whitehaven, Cumbria. Bill had been in the motocross industry at that point for more than 10 years and was one of the top Maico dealers in the UK.

His vision for Wulfsport was that it would fill the gap in the market for stylish, value race wear held in large stocks for immediate UK dispatch.

This basic principle remains pretty much unchanged and Bill, at 76, still heads the Wulfsport International brand, but has now been joined by his young and aspiring daughter Ellie, acting as a business partner.

“Continuing to operate as a family business has been important to us and, I think, allows us to give an unbeatable customer service and attention to detail. We have seen so many businesses suffer due to corporate restructures or takeovers, expanding beyond their means and ultimately losing touch with their customers. It seems rare to be able to contact businesses quickly by telephone these days. To us, every customer is a big deal, and our team prides itself on establishing good personal relationships with all of them,” says Ellie.

Over the last 42 years, Wulfsport has seen many competitor brands come and go. Yet Wulfsport goes from strength to strength, its ever-expanding range a testament to how its dealers are looked after, ensuring that value and quality are always of the utmost importance.

Wulfsport has always kept its prices competitive because it understands the market very well. Even during the past year, when crippling container and shipping costs were imposed, Wulfsport still endeavoured to keep its prices keen by absorbing a lot of the increased costs rather than passing them on to dealers.

As Bill comments, “Having been a motorcycle dealer myself, I understand the importance of having to make money. At the end of the day, dealers are business people, they are not fools. They know when products are overpriced or over-promoted.”

Ellie adds, “We know it has been a tricky time for dealers, which is why we try to keep prices lean and not hit everybody with huge increases. We want our dealers to have confidence in us and trust that we are the brand to work with.

“I truly don’t think that the Wulfsport brand is always completely understood,” Ellie explains. “We hear so often that we should sponsor X, Y or Z, that we should offer bling and jazzy features, but that all adds to the price and that’s not where our brand values lie. Our end users want good quality, without maxing out their credit cards to look like someone else, and I think there is a place for us behind every dealer’s counter.”

Brexit and Coronavirus
Wulfsport built up very large stocks between 2019 and 2020 as it anticipated a challenging period with the impending Brexit deal. However, no one could have foreseen the true problems that were to come. When the coronavirus hit, and stock became harder to get hold of, and lead times became much longer, Wulfsport was able to support past, present and new dealers throughout this time.

“This has encouraged us to ensure we hold even larger stocks,” says Ellie. “We have always understood the importance of it, but more so now than ever, as we really don’t know what’s around the corner. The world has become one of great convenience and we understand customers want goods next day, not next week. We try to carry around 15,000 off-road helmets at any one time, ready for immediate dispatch. However, this has proved harder in recent times, so we order more and more each year.

“I have missed shows the most over the last two years. You can’t beat the buzz of being out there, speaking to dealers, suppliers and riders face to face, being able to show new products physically and having a good look around at other innovations in the market. Searching on the internet and talking over the telephone just isn’t the same. I’m so pleased that this year things are starting to look a bit more ‘normal’.”

Another thing that makes Wulfsport unique is that it doesn’t insist on minimum order quantities and it offers a stock swap-over service at the end of every year.

“We have offered this service for more than 30 years now and it seems to be a real hit with our dealers. It means that when we release new kit, dealers can send back the last season’s and swap it for the new range, ensuring that they are always stocking the latest products without being lumbered with dead stock,” explains Bill.

For 2022, Wulfsport has a lot of new products in the pipeline. Newly launched is the 2022 Wulfsport Matrix range, offering matching shirt, jacket and trousers. These remain at the keen trade prices of £15.45 for the shirt, £35.95 for the trousers and £34.95 for jackets.

Looking Ahead
Ellie concludes, “We continue to strive to release new products, explore new markets and enjoy the process. Export seems to have become more complicated but still remains an area of growth for us. The key is value and customer service, and for as long as these are our priorities, I expect Wulfsport to continue to be Britain’s top-selling, off-road clothing and equipment brand. We wouldn’t be where we are now without our excellent team at Wulfsport International, which moves heaven and earth to ensure orders go out the same day and to consistently deliver a superior service.”

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