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story behind the 2015 registrations

MCIA registrations data covering the past two years consistently featured five brands in every one of its monthly top-ten listings, allowing detailed analysis of year-on-year UK performance prior to individual manufacturers releasing their own spin on events.

Most striking revelation from these figures is the extraordinary ascendancy of BMW Motorrad. According to the MCIA, that company’s dealers plated 8487 bikes during 2015, a tremendous surge of 21.9% against the previous year. BMW blitzed past Triumph in the process, thereby stealing the latter’s coveted over-500cc market leader crown, and raised its British market share from 6.9% to 7.4%.

Kawasaki also deserved a mention in despatches for conspicuous commercial gallantry. Team Green stacked on 15.2% to 6381 units, lifting market share a tad from 5.5% to 5.6%.

By comparison, Triumph’s performance was stagnant in an otherwise booming marketplace. With only a 1.6% registrations increase to 8259 units, its slice of the overall cake dropped from 8% to 7.2%.

Of course, Japanese arch-competitors Honda and Yamaha were ahead of the field by considerable margins. Honda’s network registered 19,652 bikes, up by 8.5%. But market share suffered, down from 17.9% in 2014 to 17.2%. Yamaha grew numbers by a stronger 11.3% to 14,463 units, although it also copped a slight share reversal, falling from 12.8% to 12.7%.


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