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threat to mail order battery sales averted

Following the spate of acid attacks in London and elsewhere last year, the government drew up proposals to restrict the sale of acid and acid-related products. This was included in the Offensive Weapons Bill, which included a range of measures relating to other items which could be used aggressively, such as knives, vintage weapons etc.

The MCIA identified an unintended consequence of the proposed legislation that would have prevented the sale by mail order of motorcycle batteries containing acid. Explaining, MCIA CEO Tony Campbell said: “This was proposed due to difficulties in age verification during mail order transactions and would have resulted in major challenges for the motorcycle aftermarket sector.

“After working with the Home Office team behind the Bill and also with members of the House of Lords, the MCIA was able to convince the government to change the proposed legislation to exclude vehicle batteries and avert the potential damage to MCIA members’ businesses.

“No-one would argue against the core purpose of this Bill but, as can happen with this type of legislation, unrelated issues get entangled with unintended consequences. Therefore, timely and decisive action by the team at the MCIA resulted in this positive outcome and avoided any disruption or threat to our members’ businesses.”


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